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Anela’s Club Endorsements

“Anela’s inspiring journey is a testimony to how we all can rise from traumatic darkness to brilliant change and growth.”

Joanne P. McCallie

Six-time NCAA Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year, Duke University, Author of Secret Warrior (Köehler)

“Aimed at teen readers but perfect for the teen still living in all of us. The final scenes are emotional, and I admit it, tear-worthy.”

David Patneaude

Award-winning YA fiction author including Thin Wood Walls (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

“I loved every part of Anela’s Club, as I read it in one sitting. There are lessons in Anela’s story for all of us to learn from.”

Bill Sheehan

Author of A Tail Among Tales (Köehler)

“This story of a resilient young woman will inspire any reader. Yamashiro guides us through Anela’s dreams and challenges, and gives us, too, her great blessing: hope.”

William R. Cross

Chair of the Advisory Board, Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Author, Winslow Homer: American Passage (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux)

“Thought-provoking and timeless . . . offering touch points for diverse audiences, particularly youth navigating the complex terrain of tragedy, abandonment, and self-doubt.”

Hugh H. Dunn, PhD

Director of the Pacific Literacy Consortium, University of Hawaii, Author of Kahai’s Journey (Mutual)

“I loved meeting D.K. Yamashiro’s Anela and joining her club. Highly-recommended.”

Lynn Seldon

Author of Carolina’s Ring (Köehler)

“Touching, moving, human – and profoundly intelligent.”

J. Mark Ramseyer

Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies, Harvard University, Author of Contracting in Japan (Cambridge University Press)

“A poetic story and powerfully told, showing us that deep childhood trauma has the ability to break or make us, and the happenstance of a mentor with the right words.”

Dianne C. Braley

Author of The Silence and the Sound (Köehler), NYC 2022 Big Book Award

“Anela’s Club is a triumph! Whether we are dealing with trauma or not, we all need to become ourselves. It lifts the heart to be a part of Anela’s Club.”

Eleanor M. Cooper, EdD

Author of Dragonfly Dreams (Köehler), Benjamin Franklin Award winner

“Anela’s determination shines brightly, connecting us with the human side of politics. Love and hope are tested in this wonderful page turner.”

Kathleen Reid

Award winning author of Secrets in the Palazzo (Köehler)

“I couldn’t put Anela’s Club down . . . I would urge any person at every age who has felt inadequate to devour this book. It is food for the soul. D.K. Yamashiro has created and polished a tour de force!”

Doug Bond, PhD

Lecturer in Extension, Harvard University

“A powerful story of resilience and grit. Against so many odds, Anela chooses to grow and learn from her circumstances, change her mindset, and persevere to change her future.”

Emily Burdett, DPhil

Assistant Professor, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham

“Anela’s Club, at first, reads like playing checkers, but this is nothing less than a chess game on life. Enlightening . . . and strong.”

Dino Babers

ACC Football Coach of the Year, Syracuse University

“D. K. Yamashiro is arguably the world’s leading expert on the childhood trauma experienced by U.S. presidents. In Anela’s Club, he provides a masterful story that can help people through personal trauma.”

Gary Scott Smith, PhD

Author of Faith and the Presidency and Religion in the Oval Office (Oxford University Press)

“I most appreciated the clear message of being true to oneself in the face of peer pressure; and finding and holding onto hope, even in what can be some very dark hours in our lives.”

Anne E. C. McCants, PhD

Ann F. Friedlaender Professor of History at MIT

“An impressive, inspiring read for adolescents and adults alike. As a former teacher, I think high school kids really need to read this . . .”

Maia Evrigenis

Author of Neon Jane (Köehler)

“A poignant story featuring a powerful refrain of despair, resilience, and hope.”

Mia Chung

Concert pianist, music professor, executive director, Octet Collaborative at MIT

“D.K. Yamashiro does an exceptional job of showing how one can overcome adversity through the support of those that love and care for them, even in the most unlikely of people.”

Duane Coleman, EdD

Former Superintendent of Schools, Oceanside Unified School District